About Us


We are independent and passionate about being so. What this means is that we operate from a perspective free of the influence of direct ties to any financial institution. Our team can design and implement the right investment portfolio of registered or non-registered assets, as well as proper insurance protection.

We are planning focussed.  Our comprehensive six-step Worry-Free Retirement ProgramTM ensures our clients' retirement planning, estate planning or business succession planning needs are met.  The Plan comes first, then the investment solution.

Our Advisor group is comprised of 5 Certified Financial Planners, each of whom has a minimum of 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. We pride ourselves in utilizing a teaching approach to ensure your complete and thorough understanding of both the issues and solutions. We believe our 60 plus years of success is deeply rooted in our commitment to fostering a high trust relationship with our clients. We do this by delivering on our promise of "Simplify and Protect" by focusing on planning, simplifying complex issues, identifying/solving problems, delivering exceptional service, creating and monitoring superb portfolios, and caring about the client experience.


Unique Value Proposition

Well Established Firm in Saskatoon

  • Celebrated 60 years in business in 2015


Independent Investment Selection

  • Unbiased selection of investments and life insurance products
  • Not bank, trust or mutual fund company owned


Team Approach

  • Our clients are clients of the firm, not just one individual
  • You benefit from the whole Team providing expertise and service


Planning Focus


Client Education

  • Hosting events for clients to expand their knowledge